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The Call to Mission

Each sister is called to respond to the deepest Truth within each person, especially the truth of our relationship to God, self, others, and indeed, the whole of creation. As our world moves forward, we find ourselves moving forward through a life of prayer, study, and service through our Call to Mission.

'Each Sister through her consecration has a unique role in the corporate mission of the Congregation. In her ministry she has the responsibility to develop her own gifts and use them in the service of the Gospels, for justice obliges us to acquire and maintain professional competence.' (54)

'Moved with compassion for the people of his day, Dominic found new ways to break with them the bread of Truth. Fidelity to our Dominican tradition requires that we ensure that the corporate mission of the Congregation is directed by discernment of contemporary need and our ability to meet them.' (55)

Our mission in Western Australia has varied since our arrival in 1899. Our Foundress, Mother Gabriel Gill OP, responded to the call to educate the children of families living in the Murchison Goldfields, in the newly formed Diocese of Geraldton.

Our preaching of Truth has included primary and secondary education, offering boarding facilities for children in remote areas of the Diocese. The mission of Education includes a tertiary branch through the provision of sisters to the staffs of Maranatha Centre - more recently renewed as the Centre for Faith Enrichment, the Catholic Pastoral Institute - later, to become the Catholic Institute (WA) - Murdoch University and the University of Western Australia, as well as the University of Notre Dame (Fremantle).

Sisters have been involved in Parish catechetical and pastoral work. Others were trained for Hospital Chaplaincy, and others have become involved in the ministry of spiritual direction and companioning.

Our Sisters have also involved themselves in voluntary ministries attached to St Vincent de Paul, the Cancer Society of WA, and Holy Rosary Primary School, Doubleview. The Sisters also pray for the needs of those who contact them. (See our section on Dominican Mission in WA).

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