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Community in Christ

'Our Dominican community life has it roots in the life that Jesus shares with each one of us, a gift which constantly calls us to deeper communion with him and with one another. Like members of the first Christian communities, we come together to pray, to reflect on the Word of God and to celebrate the Eucharist, seeking that unity of mind and heart for which Jesus prayed' (Const. 17).

Our response to the needs of our times in the early years of our foundation prepared us for the realisation that to 'live in community' doesn't mean that all Sisters live under the one roof! While there may have been a main convent primarily built for initial formation, administration and the care of elderly Sisters, most Sisters lived in small house groups in remote towns of the Diocese of Geraldton, or whwever we were called to respond to local needs.

In fact, through our spirituality and personal vocational call, we find the source of our deeper communion in Jesus Christ, who is at the heart of us all. This communion is not bound by geography or time. When we "gather to pray, to reflect on the Word of God and to celebrate the Eucharist," we delight in each other's company and the deep friendship and joy which is key to our Dominican spirit.

In recent times, the Sisters live in two styles, that of the larger Convent community and as individuals in units close to one another. We are still represented by Sister Mary Ryan OP in the Diocese of Geraldton! 

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