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The life of each Dominican Sister is founded upon the four strong pillars of Prayer, Study, Community and Service (Preaching). Our Constitutions enflesh these pillars as:

Our Consecration in Truth (Study)

Community in Christ (Community)

Our Life of Contemplation (Prayer) and

Our Call to Mission (Service)

For more information on these four pillars, please follow the drop-down from the heading above.

The Spirit of Dominican Life is defined by our relationship to Jesus Christ as the Word made flesh, Word of God, the bread upon which we feed in order to be spiritually nurtured. We speak of this relationship as follows:






To study the Sacred Scriptures is important in our desire for knowledge and understanding the geographical, historical and socio-cultural contexts in which the Word was written.

To contemplate the Sacred Scriptures offers each sister the opportunity to be in communio with the Word who is at the core of our being, and who desires union with us.

The Word is celebrated through our communal prayer gatherings, such as the Eucharistic Liturgy and the Liturgy of the Hours, as well as during our Congregational Liturgical prayer together.

The Word is proclaimed through each Sister's life. We take very opportunity to preach the merciful love of God to all we meet in such a way that our desire is for our lives to be a preaching of the Word. There are a few Sisters who preach liturgically through retreat presentations. 

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