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Dominican Mission in Western Australia

Since the end of the 20th Century, the Sisters handed over primary responsibility for their schools due to the dwindling number of Sisters who were still involved in institutional education. Today’s Sisters continue to endeavour to meet a need to spread the truth of God’s Word of mercy, justice and hope.

Imbued with the prayerful and compassionate spirit of Dominic, the Sisters with deep personal conviction communicate their knowledge and faith in a variety of new ways. While prayer and contemplation are the primary value for all the Sisters, those still active are involved in such ministries as counselling, retreats, justice and peace, catechetics, parish and hospital pastoral care, and welfare. Hospitality and intercessory prayer for those in need, locally and globally, continue to be an important part of Dominican life. All Sisters, through affiliation with the Federation of Dominican Sisters in Oceania and Dominican Sisters International, support many Dominican Sisters in countries suffering from war, violence and oppression through prayer, contact and material help.

Today, as the Dominican Sisters of Western Australia continue to adapt to changing conditions and circumstances, they celebrate and give thanks to God for the eight hundred years of the Dominican story of which they are a part.

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