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Symbolic Cross created from the woven materials representing each Sister on the National Board of the Federation who met in Melbourne in 2017.

The Federation of Dominican Sisters in Oceania

The Federation of Dominican Sisters is made up of independent and autonomous Religious Institutes of Pontifical Right. Each Institute is of equal standing and right in the Federation.

The Member Institutes of the Federation are:

Dominican Sisters of Eastern Australia, which includes the Sisters in the Solomon Islands;

Holy Cross Congregation of Dominican Sisters (Adelaide);

Congregation of Dominican Sisters of North Adelaide;

Congregation of Dominican Sisters of Western Australia, and

New Zealand Dominican Sisters.

The National Council of the Federation meets once a year and the member Institutes take turns at hosting the event. The Council comprises the Prioress and one other representative from each Institute, as well as a representative from the the Sisters in the Solomon Islands. The role of the Council is varied, and there are four points which stand out:

a) to call and challenge with a prophetic voice the member Institutes to a more profound living out of their vocation to "contemplate and to share with the others the fruits of contemplation";

b) where appropriate, to facilitate and co-ordinate the support provided by member Institutes for the Solomon Islands;

c) to provide a forum of communications for issues of common interest and concern to members of the Federation, and

d) where circumstances suggest, to promote and organise gatherings concerning significant issues for the Sisters in their mission within the Church and the world.

Federation 2017

The National Council met in Melbourne from 23-24 June at Siena College, Camberwell. The Sisters spent time in prayer and discussion about matters concerning our Dominican presence in Australia, Solomon Islands and Ao Tearoa New Zealand, as well as shared the story of each congregation since their last meeting in March 2016.

Standing: Noreen Reynolds (SA), Elizabeth Mackey (NZ), Bernadette Kiley (SA), Sandra Winton (NZ), Kathleen Hickey (SA), Judith Lawson (Eastern), Julie McMahon (SA), Joan Carville (WA). Sitting: Jennifer Gerathy (Eastern), Margaret Scharf (WA).

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