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Dominican Sisters International (DSI)

What is Dominican Sisters International?

Dominican Sisters International is an international movement of Dominican Sisters which seeks to create links between all Dominican Sisters of Apostolic Life throughout the world for the sake of the mission of the Order.

Vision and Mission of DSI

a. To support one another in living out the Dominican Charism and to claim and promote our identity as women preachers;

b. To facilitate communication and networking among Dominicans at national, regional and international levels;

c. To foster a more compassionate world order through the promotion of peace and justice, the integrity of creation and human rights, especially those of women, and

d. To explore and foster collaboration initiatives within the Dominican Family.

How does DSI work?

The General Assembly is a body that discerns, deliberates, makes decisions and acts. It is the ultimate authority of DSI and works through:

The General Assembly, which meets every three years;

Continental groupings of Prioresses General: Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, and North America;

The Coordinating Council, made up of five Continental Coordinators and the International Coordinator, and

The International Coordinator.

The most recent General Assembly was held in Rome from April 28 - May 5, 2016.

Current International Coordinator

Sister Marie Therese Clement OP, Dominican Sisters of Delivrande

New Coordinating Council of DSI

Sr Marie Therese Clement – International Coordinator

Sr Fuastina Jimoh – Regional Coordinator for Africa (re-elected)

Sr Noemi Zambano – Regional Coordinator for Latin America and the Caribbean

Sr Bernadette Kiley – Regional Coordinator for Asia Pacific

Sr Else Britt-Nilson – Regional Coordinator for Europe (re-elected)

Sr Gene Poore – Regional Coordinator for North America

International Coordinator for Justice and Peace

Sister Celestina Veloso OP, Dominican Sisters of Anunciata

NGO Representative to the United Nations

Sister Margaret Mayce OP, Dominican Sisters of Amityville

The Asia-Pacific Continental Group

Australia (4 Congregations)

India (1 Congregation)

Indonesia (1 Congregation)

Israel (1 Congregation)

Iraq (1 Congregation)

New Zealand (1 Congregation)

Philippines (8 Congregations)

Taiwan (1 Congregation)

Viet Nam (8 Congregations)

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